Picture of Tasos Spiliotopoulos
I’m a PhD candidate in Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Madeira in Portugal under the supervision of Ian Oakley. I hold a Portuguese National Science Foundation (FCT) PhD Scholarship to investigate the application of social network analysis techniques for studying behavior in social network sites. I also collaborate with the Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute, under the Carnegie Mellon|Portugal partnership, and the Interactions Lab at UNIST. Prior to this, I was a member of the Information Systems Laboratory Research Group at the University of Athens in Greece, and worked as a freelance software developer and usability specialist. I hold a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Leicester in the UK and an MSc in Advanced Information Systems from the University of Athens.

Key topics in my PhD research include computational social science, social network analysis, privacy, usability, location sharing and computer-mediated communication. Areas that my research has focused in the past include human-centered design, locative media, universal design and web accessibility, business entrepreneurship and employability, teleworking and e-government services.


- 03/2017: Very happy to receive two special recognitions for my reviews this year, one for CSCW 2017 and one for CHI 2017.
- 02/2016: I received a trainee grant to participate in the Enhancements: Mediated Urban Landscapes international training school in Thessaloniki, Greece.
- 02/2016: Our paper on lessons from a study of Facebook and Twitter usage has been accepted at the Following User Pathways workshop at CHI 2016!
- 01/2016: I will participate in the GESIS Computational Social Sciences networking workshop in Cologne, Germany!
- 07/2015: I’ll be at the British HCI 2015 conference presenting our poster on studying social network sites in tandem!
- 04/2015: My PhD proposal paper got accepted, so I will be participating at the IEEE RCIS 2015 Doctoral Consortium!
- 07/2014: I will be presenting our paper on Facebook tie strength at the PCI 2014 conference. Update: Our paper received a best paper award!
- 07/2013: “How Much Does Facebook Really Know About You?”. Our work was featured on the CrowdResearch blog.
- 05/2013: I presented our paper on Twitter hashtag networks at the Hybrid City 2013 conference in Athens, Greece.
- 12/2012: Our paper “Understanding Motivations for Facebook Use: Usage Metrics, Network Structure, and Privacy” has been accepted at CHI 2013! On a related note, I’m very happy to also SV for the conference! Update: Our experience report has also been accepted at the RepliCHI 2013 workshop at CHI 2013! Update 2: Unfortunately, I will miss the conference due to a not fully recovered broken leg. Bummer. Update 3: Our paper received a CHI 2013 RepliCHI award!
- 10/2012: Our paper “Uses & Gratifications of a Facebook Media Sharing Group” has been accepted at CSCW 2013!